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Since 2004, B.BLYSS! has produced culturally diverse events for individuals who self-identify as women, sapphic, or LGBTQIAA+. Those familiar with our brand know we believe in providing inclusive yet exclusive upscale, mature, and professionally crafted events to our supporters who represent the beauty and the essence of the community and its allies. We always aim to do this in partnership with inclusive spaces where safety, respect, intimacy, and sophistication are a priority because we, too, believe in these elements. 


As a black and brown cisgender women-led company, we understand the importance of celebrating everyone, regardless of identity, gender, or orientation. We proudly respect and welcome all people who equally respect and welcome us. However, there are rules to this, and we always reserve the right to refuse for the safety of our attendees, brand, and partners. 


If you align and this sounds like what you've been looking for, please join us!

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